Smoking – Why Is It Addictive?

Smoking – Why Is It Addictive?

Have you ever wondered why smokers can’t quit? Even if after all the effort, going through the pain of not smoking, there will always be relapse. The reason behind this is simple – it’s addictive. It is not the act of smoking or the tobacco that makes it addictive. It is the nicotine that makes any smoker to go back to the old ways and not quit. What’s with this chemical that makes a person who puffs a cigarette get hooked by it. Let’s tackle the answer.


First, nicotine is a substance that interferes with the chemicals found in your brain. The most affected chemicals are the noradrenaline and dopamine. Do you know that when these chemicals’ levels change they do change concentration and mood levels, too? The end result is this – most smokers do find the change enjoyable. Want to know more about Charlie Cookies visit out website or our store.

Second, the change mentioned does happen instantly. The moment a person puffs the cigarette, and eventually inhaling the nicotine, it goes towards the brain so fast and make the person feel a pleasurable sensation and lower down stress, among others.


Third, what smokers do enjoy is the so called “nicotine rush”. Just imagine, the sensation, the lowering down of stress and anxiety it gives off of the person. These are already enough reason for them to be dependent of nicotine. Thus, they can not help themselves to quit on the habit.


Fourth, just like any other drug, the more a person does smoke, the more he becomes dependent on it, the body will soon get used to having nicotine. A person needs to puff more cigarettes in order to get the same nicotine rush. This is the reason why those who just smoke 10 sticks a day, will move up to 20 sticks, and eventually 2 packs or 3 packs a day.


Definitely, smoking is indeed addictive, to be more precise it is the nicotine that makes it addictive. Now the challenge here is how to quit the habit when it is very clear it would be difficult to let go of it. Imagine, getting rid of a stress reliever and something that will make a person feel pleasure. This would not be easy. No wonder most smokers do opt for continuing to smoke than stopping it.  The craving for nicotine is so strong that it would be impossible for a smoker to put an end to it and start breathing fresh air.

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