Patio Furniture: Sometimes its better outside the house

Patio Furniture: Sometimes its better outside the house

Patio furniture will soon be coming out again! Spring and summer means the return of barbecues that most of us enjoy or the occasional evening entertaining friends or family in an outdoor setting. It is because we relish our outdoor life that people build and decorate their patio or deck.Patio furniture should be chosen based on the following characteristics: Good quality to withstand the activities that we will impose on it. Good looks to fit the decor of the house and the personality, style and taste of the owner. The materials prevalent today in patio furniture are wood and wicker, but many homeowners also choose wrought iron for its durability, and stability, while others will opt for plastic.

Teak A very hard wood, native to Southeast Asia often used for large patios areas. It is highly weather resistant, and its natural oils makes it suitable for exposed areas, where durability is a factor. It was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s in a style often known as Danish modern, it seems to enjoy today a second boom in popularity. Teak is one of the most sought-after types of vintage furniture. It does not splinter and remains cool even under the strongest sun. With all these qualities it is not surprising that is also one of the most expensive type of outdoor furniture, although many manufacturers of teak patio furniture are taking initiatives to bring worldwide prices down and make it more affordable for more people.

Wicker Characterizes contemporary styles and designs in garden furniture. Often made of material of plant origins there is also some wicker furniture made from plastic fibers. Wicker is light yet sturdy, thus suitable for furniture that might be moved frequently. It became popular during Victorian times as it was fancier than the prevalent furniture used. Wicker furniture is available in wide range of prices, but less expensive pieces can be found that combine a wood or metal frame and wicker.

Wrought iron patio furniture has been around for a long time, while styles may have changes throughout the years this material has endured because of its easy maintenance capabilities, its durability, versatility and beauty. It is easily affordable and it can be found most anywhere. Spending a little more on it might be worth it because of its longevity. Consider the fact that many people have passed wrought iron furniture to their children or even grandchildren as heirlooms. Try custom office furniture in Sydney for all types of furniture.

Plastic has come a long way since the days when I was growing up, it is no longer the cheap flimsy stuff that we used to see on people’s porches. It is now much thicker and can withstand all sorts of weather. In the plastic category we must also include resin, a natural or manmade material that is produced through the use of polymerization. Good plastic or resin is durable, will not crack and require very little maintenance. It is available in a very wide variety of styles and designs and the number of colors possible is staggering.


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