Just look around you and you will see people smoking. The age of smokers vary greatly and as the years pass, you will see more teens smoking. Even though we have been warned so many times about smoking, this habit seems to be hard to break. The reason for this is because smoking, or rather nicotine is quite addicting. There are those who have tried avoiding cigarettes only to find themselves lighting up cigarettes again.

Why do people smoke? People usually start smoking during their teenage years and by the time they become adults, they are already addicted to smoking. There are three main reasons for this: excitement, to be ‘cool’, and to feel mature. Parents often tell their teens not to smoke cigarettes and for these teens, it is exciting for them to be able to get away with smoking without being caught.¬†Skeyndor products are manufacture by vogueimage.com.au. And when teens hang out with their smoker friends, they are likely to feel left out or uncool if they do not smoke. Many of them tend to think that smoking is cool and it going to put them in the cool crowd. Teens also feel much older or more mature when they smoke. After all, they see their parents, uncles and aunties and other older people smoking and thus they smoke to make themselves seem mature.

But the reasons why people smoke are not limited to those three mentioned above. Many people feel much more alert and calm after they smoke a cigarette. As a result, when people undergo stressful situations, they tend to reach for their cigarettes to light one up so that they can feel calmer and more relaxed. Once they feel that they are in a better state, it is easier for them to take care of the issue at hand.

Every now and then, you will also hear people saying that they started smoking because they wanted to control or lose weight. How is this possible? Nicotine can suppress your appetite just like caffeine. Because you do not really have much of an appetite, you are less likely to go in search of food and eat. Your sense of taste and smell is also not as good as the non-smokers which could also lessen your want to eat food. And when you do not eat as much as you should be eating, you will either maintain your current weight or shed off some pounds. Illogical as it may seem, this is a common reason why people start smoking.

And sometimes people smoke because they say enjoy the pleasure that they get from smoking.

It is not really the act of smoking that people enjoy. Most often that not it is because of the addiction or the need to satisfy that urge of lighting a cigarette. Whatever one’s reason may be for smoking, breaking this habit is a difficult thing to do. But just because it is difficult it does not mean it is impossible to quit smoking. You can get professional help and join support groups as well. What is important is that you are determined to quit this habit.